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The Truth About Fashion

Fashion design is one of the easiest specialties and all designers should use their creative ideas to create marketable products and pay attention to the quality of the workmanship.As a concept fashion design is an art form but in reality it is a craft. It can be compared to jewellery making.

The designer comes up with a concept, an idea, which usually follows a fashion brief. Either a full range is designed, where all garments must be united or a once off dress is created. Even when the students are designing a garment for themselves, there already is a certain context. Example: when designing trousers, is it for summer or for winter? Is it day or evening pants? Is it simple and contemporary or posh and fancy or is it classic?

The purpose of CRE Fashion design school programs is for students to develop their own signature style, which is a reflection of one’s individuality and is also an extension of the learner’s interests and talents.

Designers find inspiration in fields seemingly out of the fashion field, such as music, cinema, art, photography or even one’s daily life. Reading fashion magazines and knowing the current trends is good, but should not be overdone as our minds will inevitably copy design ideas.

Each design will follow a specific brief from a client or for a particular fashion brand, usually considering the seasonal trends. The designer comes up with a certain concept, a visual of the cut and the shape. Then decisions are required on the main colours, fabrics and features. Example: style lines, pockets etc. Further on the supporting colours, fabrics and features must be highlighted, Example: decoration, gathering, slits etc. The visual in a person’s mind is moving with endless variations and the best ones must be identified, however it is not possible that the image is held still and turned front, back and imagined completed, this is why we draw. The student starts with a Fashion illustration, which is the creative interpretation of the design idea.

About Fashion in the Past and the Present

From artists to models, fashion has dominated the world. Fashion has been seen in various contexts areas and social settings. Before, fashion has been centered on colorful garments and flowing gowns. As the years progress, there were leather jackets, heavy metal shirts and bell bottoms which has defined the fashion industry. Today, fashion is focused in a various types of shirts and colorful styles. Women are now sporting spaghetti straps, short pants and short sleeves while men are into colorful polo shirts and tight jeans.

Fashion is not only through gender but also through age. Children have their own types of fashion, mostly on their favorite cartoon character or icon. Teens would wear the type of clothing that their favorite rock bands or teen idols would wear. Professionals would wear clothes according to the type of style and color that they want. Most men would wear colorful ties so that they can define their style.

Clothes are part of our society and it has been used as a precursor of the people. Most of the time, we can define the age or gender of a person through his clothes. Society has used the world of fashion in order to practice decency and professionalism in all types of institutions. From schools to workplaces, everyone needs to comply with the policies set out by the different institutions. In almost every location, there is a type of clothing law that needs to be practiced. That is why the fashion industry has been quite a success for almost a couple of centuries. Actually, fashion has already been practiced long before the first civilizations. Ancient China is rich on cultural beauty and elegance in fashion. Women before were wearing colorful gowns and garments in order to show beauty and class.

In the west, the nobility also practiced right attires in order to show their status in the society. Those who did not practice the right type of clothing would not be associated as being middle class or people who are in the lower class. In the desert, men would often sport soft clothes with light colors in order to block out the heat of the sun while the women would wear precious diamonds and jewelry. In order to specify the royalty from the nobility and the nobility to the middle class, the royalty would wear expensive clothes with the touch of color.

Usually, the color would signify royalty and nobility. For instance, the color purple was the most widely used color used by the royal family. The noble families would wear elegant clothes while the middle families are known to wear normal clothing. As the years progress, society has adapted the practices of fashion in the past and has applied it in our society today. High level officials such as presidents and prime ministers are known to wear elegant clothes which are made from soft silk in order to show their level in the society. Men who are also working for the government would also wear formal clothing in order to show their grace.

Know About Fashion Jewelry

The popularity of fashion jewelry has been increasing these days. Jewelry trends are turning towards more affordable ranges. Dynamic, colorful, and affordable jewelry designs made of different materials were the trends of fashion jewelry in 2010. Beaded and handmade jewelry was used by most of the people. With rise in costs of gold and silver, there was an increase in the usage of jewelry made of other types of materials.

Top trends in 2010
Diamond lock pendants, yellow gold jewelry, hip-hop jewelry, dangling earrings, and handcrafted jewelry were the top trends of jewelry in 2010.

Diamond lock pendants
Diamond lock pendants have been one of the most popular fashion jewelry trends in 2010. Their unique designs bring a novel appearance to the wearer. They also give a sparking and attractive look to the viewers.

Yellow gold jewelry
People have been using white gold and silver for quite a long time. However, in 2010, there was a rise in use of yellow gold jewelry. It has its own unique advantages such as non-tarnishing feature and no change in color. Because of these benefits, people have turned to yellow gold from white gold and silver.

Dangling earrings
Dangling earrings with glass beads were popular in 2010. Women preferred them mostly as they bring a perfect look. In addition, chandelier earrings were also back. An instant feminine and glamorous look can be enhanced using these chandelier earrings to any outfit. They are the most beautiful additions when paired with simple jeans, T-shirts, and heels.

Handcrafted jewelry
Due to increase in gold and silver jewelry prices, handcrafted unique jewelry trends were seen in 2010. Fashionable beaded necklaces, bands, and rings were popular among others. Statement jewelry was also one of the trends in the previous year. Large statement rings and dangling earrings of various fun shapes and colors bring a beautiful look.

Winter fashion jewelry trends in 2010
Big and bold jewelry of various colors including gray, black, and brown were part of the most popular trends in winter. Metal jewelry was used mostly in the season. Layered necklaces with heavy and fashionable designs were also popular. Bangles made of wood, metal, and other resins were mostly used as wrist jewelry. Statement necklaces with big flowers, stones and rocks were preferred by women. Different themes like animal and flower prints were also popular.

Summer fashion jewelry trends in 2010
Plastic and metal jewelry were the fashion trends in summer. Over-sized rings, chandelier earrings, and layered necklaces have also been in use in the previous year. Even men were showing off couple of fashion jewelry items such as stylish diamond rings, necklaces with beautiful pendants, and silver bracelets. Some of the male celebrities were even seen wearing earrings and other jewelries which are supposed to be exclusive for women. Trendy bracelets, classic diamond studded watches, and gemstone rings were fashionable pieces for men. Distinctive designs of hip-hop and iced out bling were still in use.

All You Should Know About Fashion

Footwear is an important aspect of human personality. While some people like to pamper themselves with designer shoes, others prefer to indulge in ordinary footwear. A fashion footwear store is one such place that can efficiently cater to diverse needs and requirements. There are infinite fashion stores that offer stylish and trendy footwear for different age groups and genders.

The right kind of footwear complements a stylish outfit. While shopping for perfect footwear, most people want a fashion store to have a special variety in shoes that can satisfy their diverse tastes. They usually demand a different shoe for every occasion. If you want to own particular footwear that can match any outfit, then you should opt for neutral colors like white, black, gray, or brown. You can even go for multicolor shoes as they offer a variety of colors to go with more than a single outfit.

Fashion enthusiasts can enjoy a grand selection of shoes at a fashion footwear store. The variety of shoes offered to men usually includes everyday shoes, sport shoes, sneakers, tennis shoes, and sandals. Furthermore, they can avail exclusive designer shoes that bring exceptional elements of style and comfort together. Likewise, such fashion stores are stocked up with a virtually never-ending variety of shoes for women. They offer everything from flip flops to wedges, ballet shoes to formal shoes, sandals to boots, and from pumps to slip-on flats to their female clientele.

When it comes to purchasing stylish footwear, it is vital to look beyond fashion and consider quality as well. It is useless to buy fashionable footwear if it eventually falls apart within a few days. For this reason, you should make an effort to buy your shoes from a reliable fashion footwear store. The shoes available at such stores may cost a little extra, but they provide a rare sense of assurance and justify their initial cost. With such shoes, you are likely to enjoy the highest quality material, utmost comfort, and a unique feeling of achievement. Moreover, they prevent you from several feet problems and issues.

All About Fashion and Fashion

Fashion is the general style or custom of clothing worn at any given time. The word “fashion” comes from the years when people described a woman who was well dressed as a “fashion plate”.

Whether or not it had a name, fashion has always been important to women. Now it seems to be almost as important to men. Beau Brummell is probably the most well known and talked about male fashion plate in history. His colorful clothing and accessories were copied by men all over Europe.

Couturiers with famous names such as Worth, Dior, Balenciaga, Chanel had famous fashion houses in Paris. These were the haute couture designers that every other fashion designer since has aspired to become. In spite of PrĂȘt a Porter (French for ready made or off the rack) the world still looks to Paris first when fashion is concerned. Today, although fashion designers and models come from all over the world, fashion week in Paris is still the most exciting event of the year.

Fashion changes nearly instantly. Each season welcomes in a different style, color, hem length, and designer. Today the person who follows fashion like a slave is called a fashionista. Some fashionistas look ridiculous in the new styles but they wear them anyway.

The media is very important to fashion and can rightly take credit for the spread of each new style and trend over the world map. Fashion blogs are the newest manner of communicating the newest fashion. Prior to blogs there were fashion web sites, columns in newspapers and magazines, fashion magazines. One of the most famous fashion magazines is Vogue. It was founded in 1892 and it is the longest lasting fashion magazine in the world with versions being published in England, France, Italy, Germany and other countries. Vogue’s influence grew after W.W. II. Ready to wear designers and perfume companies were their largest advertisers. In the 50′, 60’s 70’s television was featured on television shows such as Today and other morning shows.

A few years ago, Project Runway became one of the most watched reality shows on television. Each season a new designer is launched with his/her own fashion line. The show is sponsored by a well known department store, hair care company, and make-up company. The judges are a model, a fashion magazine editor, a famous designer and a weekly guest. This program watches a group of people who want to become fashion designers go through each stage of the competition. At the end, the three remaining designers compete with a line they put together in a month or two. This is presented at Mercedes Benz fashion week in Bryant Park, N.Y. The winner gets a large check to work at producing his/her own line which will be carried at the major department store.

Fashion Week is a big industry event. There is one held in each of the large fashion capitals. This week the biggest fashion houses and designers display their newest designs and styles. There is a fashion week in Paris, Milan, London, and New York. These weeks occur twice a year for autumn/winter fashions and spring/summer fashions. They are held many months in advance so that the buyers and the magazine editors can see the designs prior to ordering them for their venue. The first week of women’s wear is New York followed by London, Milan and Paris. The men’s wear lines are shown in between in Milan.