About Fashion in the Past and the Present

From artists to models, fashion has dominated the world. Fashion has been seen in various contexts areas and social settings. Before, fashion has been centered on colorful garments and flowing gowns. As the years progress, there were leather jackets, heavy metal shirts and bell bottoms which has defined the fashion industry. Today, fashion is focused in a various types of shirts and colorful styles. Women are now sporting spaghetti straps, short pants and short sleeves while men are into colorful polo shirts and tight jeans.

Fashion is not only through gender but also through age. Children have their own types of fashion, mostly on their favorite cartoon character or icon. Teens would wear the type of clothing that their favorite rock bands or teen idols would wear. Professionals would wear clothes according to the type of style and color that they want. Most men would wear colorful ties so that they can define their style.

Clothes are part of our society and it has been used as a precursor of the people. Most of the time, we can define the age or gender of a person through his clothes. Society has used the world of fashion in order to practice decency and professionalism in all types of institutions. From schools to workplaces, everyone needs to comply with the policies set out by the different institutions. In almost every location, there is a type of clothing law that needs to be practiced. That is why the fashion industry has been quite a success for almost a couple of centuries. Actually, fashion has already been practiced long before the first civilizations. Ancient China is rich on cultural beauty and elegance in fashion. Women before were wearing colorful gowns and garments in order to show beauty and class.

In the west, the nobility also practiced right attires in order to show their status in the society. Those who did not practice the right type of clothing would not be associated as being middle class or people who are in the lower class. In the desert, men would often sport soft clothes with light colors in order to block out the heat of the sun while the women would wear precious diamonds and jewelry. In order to specify the royalty from the nobility and the nobility to the middle class, the royalty would wear expensive clothes with the touch of color.

Usually, the color would signify royalty and nobility. For instance, the color purple was the most widely used color used by the royal family. The noble families would wear elegant clothes while the middle families are known to wear normal clothing. As the years progress, society has adapted the practices of fashion in the past and has applied it in our society today. High level officials such as presidents and prime ministers are known to wear elegant clothes which are made from soft silk in order to show their level in the society. Men who are also working for the government would also wear formal clothing in order to show their grace.