All About Fashion and Function

If you are thinking of getting the Samsung Genio Qwerty, you get more than a mobile phone that has all the modern functions you will ever need. You also get a phone that is also all about fashion. With this phone’s diverse fashion possibilities, you are sure to mix and match all you like.

Full QWERTY Keyboard

The problem with a lot of phones out there is the input options. It is just too difficult to quickly send a text message, send emails, or enter in text and symbols. With this mobile, this will never be a problem. With quick access to the phone’s full QWERTY keyboard, these functions will never be a problem for you.

IM Ready

Have you ever tried using IMs on a mobile? At times it is just too troublesome, or there are too little options to have a decent chat. With this phone, this is not a problem. Not only does it have a full QWERTY keyboard, it also has a lot of IM functions that you will surely enjoy. IMs on mobile phones were never this easy.

Get Your Social Network Updates At All Times

Is missing out on your friend’s and family’s updates on your favorite social network troubling you? With the Samsung Genio Qwerty, this will never be a problem. With this mobile you phone you will get constant updates from 6 of the top social networks. With this phone, you will always stay connected.

Not Just For Fashion But For Work As Well

This may be a fashionable phone, but it is also geared to keep you updated when it comes to work. With this mobile phone, you will always have easy access to important emails. Furthermore, the Samsung Genio Qwerty Email Setup Wizard that makes it easy to setup your email account.

Built For Fashion

Do you wear the same shirt, skirt, blouse, or pair of pants at all times, or do wear the same color every time? Neither does this mobile phone. With this mobile phone, you can easily change the jacket and put on a color that you desire. This simply means that this mobile phone will go with anything that you wear.