I Love Learning About Fashion

Two years ago, if you ask me anything about fashion, I would simply stare at you wondering what you are talking about. This should not be surprising. I am a fashion idiot after all.

I don’t even know how to dress decently. That is probably why I am still single now. I just can’t attract the attention of women. But I am determined to get myself out of this sorry state. That is why I have decided to learn more about fashion.

And you know what? I really love learning about fashion. And I think you should too! I am not kidding! I am serious!

Why You Should Start Paying Attention to Fashion

Do you know why you should learning more about fashion? Because people do judge a book by its cover! You may not like it but this is a fact. As long as you are in this society, people are going to judge you like a book. People are going to look at what you are wearing, your hairstyle and so on.

When you start picking up new knowledge in the fashion arena, you dress sense will improve. You will begin to know how to dress well.

When you look smart, people will start to take you more seriously. People will begin to be more polite towards you. You will find that it is easier to achieve success when you have the ‘image of success’.

Women Will Be Impressed With You

Most men are clueless about fashion just like me. (Of course, I am doing better now after two years of exposure in the industry.) Therefore, you only need to know a little bit more than most men to be considered a fashion expert.

When a woman you are dating realize that you are so well versed in this topic, they will definitely be very impressed with you. Isn’t that what you want?

To be frank, it is really not too hard to learn about this topic. If you are reading this article, you already have a powerful tool right in front of you. It is only a matter of whether you choose to use it or not.

So what tool am I talking about? Well, your computer of course. To be more precise, I am actually talking about the Internet. Using the internet, you can easily find tons of information about fashion, what to wear and what not to wear.