Four Mistakes Beginners Make at Online Poker When Starting Out

Four Mistakes Beginners Make at Online Poker When Starting Out

If you’re just starting out at the online poker tables, then there are some mistakes that you simply must not do. That’s why Unibet Poker have put together a quick and easy guide with four beginner mistakes that may end up costing you money.

That’s why if you pay attention to them, you’ll improve your game and have an edge on other beginners looking to play online poker at the same tables as you.

So read on and make note of the advice Unibet Poker are giving you and you may learn a thing or two!

Why Not Put These Tips Into Practice on Unibet?

Misusing Starting Hand Charts

One thing many beginners over-rely on are starting hand charts. These can be brilliant tools to help alleviate pressure on your mind, by narrowing down the choices that you have to make at the beginning of the hand.

However, you have to make sure that you are not adhering to them too rigidly. Perhaps a player is playing slightly differently following a big win or massive cooler? Are you building up a table image that might mean you need to tighten or loosen your starting ranges. Make sure to change up your starting hands as the dynamic at the table changes.

Treating Each Player Equally

Not every poker player is the same, even when starting out. You wouldn’t treat everyone the same at the live poker tables, so why should you online? Pay attention to how they’re playing and what cards they have when they showdown. Do they always raise with pocket pairs? Do they like to slowplay big draws?

By treating each player equally, you miss out on spots where you can take advantage of a certain way your opponents play their hands.

Too Many Poker Tables

Let’s face it. We’ve all dreamed of multi-tabling 24 tables, reacting to every alert and hand that flashes on the screen. But as beginners, we’re not good enough to make these sorts of decisions in the blink of an eye.

Only play as many tables as you are comfortable focusing on, and if that’s just one table to begin with that’s not a bad thing! As long as you are consistently making a profit over a sustained period, stay to as many tables as you can manage with ease.

Playing Online Poker When Tilted

Not everyone tilts the same, so pay attention to how you’re feeling at the table. You might have lost a big pot, so why are you opening so loose from under the gun? However, at the same time if you’ve recently won a big pot stick to what you know. Play to your strengths and if you’re feeling tilted, try and recognise that early and be prepared to deal with it.

If that means stepping away from the poker table, then allow yourself some time away to reset your mind.

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